Orlando Lunaire Photos

In a small, sweaty storage shed in the industrial area of Toronto - Opera Erratica teamed up with Heidi Ackerman to create an underground opera titled Orlando Lunaire. The directore Patrick Eakin Young and Ashiq Aziz (Classical Music Consort)combined two different operas to create a baroque/modern opera mix tape with incredible performers Scott Belluz and Carla Huhtahen.

Le Creative Sweatshop Paper Virus in Newfoundland!

This summer I traveled to Newfoundland to visit my parents. In my suitcase I packed boxes of little blue and white pyramids to create an installation for Le Creative Sweatshop's Paper Virus project. These photos were taken in Grate's Cove, Newfoundland - a tiny fishing village on the Avalon Peninsula. When you are in Grate's Cove it feels like you are on the edge of the world - crashing waves, rugged landscapes and whipping winds. Enjoy!