La Cambre Exhibit, Brussels Belgium

I have just returned from a summer program at the Ecole Nationale Superieure Des Arts Visuels de la Cambre. The course is the first of it's kind - La Cambre has not opened it's doors to North American students in the past. The program focused on looking at materials, the body and fashion from a new perspective. Belgian designers and teachers alike are known for their experimentation, exploration and innovation which we have been exposed to during these last intensive four weeks. We began the program by creating a "new body" or dress form which built up volume and odd shapes in order to start thinking about the body in new ways. Through a series of different briefs we explored and experimented with volume, new shapes, hand knitting and many many hand stitches.

The program was finished with an exhibition of our work that was shown to the Belgian and Parisian press. The experience was incredibly enlightening and challenging and will definitely help to inspire my next collection.


Tony La Cambre said...

hello my dear Heidi>>>I just discover your blog through Nathalie and Marilia>>> we are all in NY and we miss you! The pics you post of La Cambre are amazing and i want to thank you for this super promotion of our summer classes!!!
I also view you new knits and they are really good! I'm sure you are really gifted and that you can explore more & more the ways of new volumes through your designs!!!
kisses from NY Tony

bathmate said...

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