Hers is a preview of my new collection for Fall/Winter 09. My full collection will be shown on April 24th, 2009 at 7:45pm at Toronto Alternative Arts and Fashion Week. The event will be in the Distillery District and will feature lots of music, art and of course fashion!

Go to for directions and ticket info.

The above photos were taken by the fabulous photographer Troy Moth


MLiPreti said...

Hey, I saw some footage from the Ryerson show and I loved your stuff! Really great, inspiring work. This is major creepster, ahah, but yeah love your work!

Heidi Ackerman said...

Thanks so much!

Make sure to come out and see the new line in April! It is definitely a bit sinister/alienesque!

Andrea Haid said...

I saw your show last night! It was so unique and inspiring, thank you.